Health Guarantee


It is important to us that your experience with one of our quality Chinook Golden puppies is a positive one. Therefore, we guarantee this puppy to be in good health at the time of the sale, to the best of our knowledge.

Health Guarantee

Chinook Goldens, the breeder, warranties this puppy against hip and elbow dysplasia and hereditary eye disease for the first three years of age. This does not cover cancer or other diseases that we cannot test our adult dogs for. Note: Please wait until your dog is 6-12 months old before neutering them.

The warranty only applies if x-rays are taken before the dog reaches 36 months of age and evaluated by the OFA. No dog over 36 months of age will be covered. We will only honor OFA readings. If OFA diagnoses that the dog has dysplasia serious enough to require treatment, then the buyer will qualify for a replacement puppy. If the dog has been bred before the x-rays have been evaluated by OFA, this portion of the warranty is Null and Void. The puppy buyer must send Chinook Goldens documents from OFA confirming the diagnosis. At that time the breeder will replace the dog with a puppy of like quality. If the buyer prefers, the seller will replace the full amount paid for the puppy. Under no circumstances will Chinook Goldens be liable for any more than the original purchase price of the puppy.  We are unable to reimburse shipping cost, vet bills, or any other fees in excess of the purchase price.

Hereditary Eye Disease: the dog must be examined by a certified veterinarian ophthalmologist by 36 months of age. No dog over 36 months is covered. The puppy buyer must provide Chinook Goldens with the exam results if there is a hereditary eye problem in order to qualify for a replacement puppy.

In an effort to be a responsible breeder, we request that you contact us with any other health issues that your vet feels may be hereditary.

Right of First Refusal

In the event the puppy buyer cannot keep, wishes to sell, transfer ownership or dispose of the dog, the breeder is to be given “FIRST RIGHT” to buy the puppy back at 50% or less of the purchase price, depending on the dog’s age and condition. Under no circumstances is the puppy or dog to end up in a rescue pound, humane society, etc. All registration forms and clearances must be returned with the dog.

This contract is only valid with the original purchase of the puppy and is not transferable.

We only sell our puppies on “Limited Registration” which means the dog cannot be bred purposely or accidentally. Rare exceptions are at breeder’s discretion of granting “Full Registration”.

I/we the purchaser have read the conditions of this contract and agree to abide by them.

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