Available Pups

George and Tiree had a beautiful litter of robust golden puppies on September 25th, that makes them just about 6 weeks old. They are going off to the vet for their first shots and examinations tomorrow. They are very connected little pups. They love human attention and interaction.  This is the stage where my shoe are always getting untied by their quick little teeth. They are dong very well on puppy kibble at this point. Please see our upcoming litters for future pups as these are all spoken for.

George and Scarlet’s litter was born October 16th. They are 4 weeks old here. They now have the run of the bigger kennel and mom has the safety of the whelping box if she needs time out. They are a lively bunch; very friendly and ready to interact. Their sharp little baby teeth have arrived so they are chomping on the kibble without any problem. Of course, Mom is their main diet yet. Scarlet’s pups are all spoken for. Please see our upcoming litters which will be homed in Feb and March.