Available Pups

Stormy Canyon and Kaeko’s family of 8  little goldens showed up on Monday April 13th. They are almost 7 weeks old so this will be the last update for this litter. They will be going home in a week and they are ready for it! They love human attention and are so irresistibly cute. Mom has said goodbye to nursing them and they are doing great on the puppy kibble. We will take them to the vet this Tuesday to ensure that all is well with each pup and give their first shots. We look forward to meeting the pups future owners. (This litter is all spoken for.)

Arya and Guy Williams litter of 10 came into this world on Friday, May 8th. They are now 3 weeks old. I introduced them to wet puppy kibble to ease Moms load. They were somewhat enthused about it but weren’t quite sure what to make of this method of eating. As soon as I feel their little puppy teeth coming through they will be on the dry kibble. Otherwise they get too much kibble into their little tummies.  They have really livened up. They are practicing little barks which sound more like yelps. I will soon let them into the bigger kennel area. Arya has been a great Mom. (This litter is all spoken for.)