Available Pups

Well, here they are at 6.5 weeks old! Kova has 10 beautiful little goldens. 7 girls and 3 boys. Born January 23. Kova is three years old and this is her first litter. The handsome father is Pep from Goldwing Kennels. Please see “upcoming litters for more information on him. The pups are doing great on just the kibble now. We have them out in our large play area multiple times a day. We are working on the low steps, the obstacle course, physical touch like brushing them etc. They are very connected little pups. You will love them at first sight! No pups available from this little golden bunch. Please see our upcoming litters for our summer litters.

Tiree and Kaiko have a litter of 6 beautiful golden puppies to announce! They were born on February 3rd so are about 6 weeks old. Please see the information on Kaeko from our “Upcoming Litters” page. Tiree’s profile is under our “Our dogs – extended family” page. The husky little guys are chomping down the puppy kibble. Mom decided it was time to wean them off and they are doing just great on their own. They are a very gentle, quiet little bunch of goldens.  We spend quite a bit of time socializing them and they love it. They are simply beautiful! All are spoken for.