Zeena Princess and Guy William’s

Zeena Princess and Guy William’s pups showed up November 1st. There are 12 of them,  7 males and 5 females, and there is no runt in the litter. This has been a very busy week for Janelle and me. This next week will be much busier yet. We will take all 4 litter to the vet. I will also be temperament testing the pups and making matches for which puppy goes to which home. We take this very seriously as we want success for both our pups and for you as the new owners. These little goldens are doing great on raw and kibble. I have attached a picture of them at the “trough”. They are hearty eaters. This will be the last entry that we will do on this site. See you soon in person!  Both of these parents are on “Our Dogs” profile page, as well as on K9data website.