To Whom It May Concern:

Please be aware that I and my colleagues at Didsbury Veterinary Services have been the primary care veterinarians for Gideon and Janelle Berniko’s breeding kennel since 2012. We perform physical examinations and vaccinations on all of their breeding animals and puppies. All of their animals are well cared for, have good nutrition and receive proper deworming on a regular basis.

I am very confident in Gideon and Janelle’s ability to raise healthy and quality animals and am happy to give them an excellent recommendation as a breeding kennel. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at the Didsbury Vet Clinic.

Yours truly,

Janice Reid
Here is the advertisement shot that is mentioned on our home page. It stars Cody, who is Arya and Will’s pup. Here is another shot of him when he’s dried off 🙂
Thought I’d give you a quick update on Cedar. We could not have asked for a better dog. Although he is only just over 3 months old, his calm nature never fails to amaze us. We had our first ‘puppy preschool’ and he was definitely the calmest dog there. Not to mention the smartest, I thought. We go for lots of walks in the forest trails here and his recall is excellent. He runs right to me and sits, waiting for his reward (a pat or a treat). I tried to get some video of it today, but my hands were too full at the time. He greets people in a friendly manner, but does not jump on them, and we’ve made a point right from the beginning of telling people who want to pet him to wait until he sits first before giving him attention. He really is an amazing dog. I can’t wait to see what he’ll be like as an adult. About the only issue we have had with him is that he wakes up very early, around 5 a.m. and barks to be let out of his crate. We’ve tried to let him cry it out for an hour before we get up, but it’s just too much. Last night he was on the bed with me while I was reading and we didn’t put him in his crate. He slept right through without a peep. He has been fully potty trained for about 2 weeks now, so I’d say it only took about 3 weeks.

Thank you so much for such a lovely dog. He is exactly what we wanted.

Liane Partridge
Just wanted to give you an update on Chance. He is just about 14 weeks old now and is growing at a fast pace! He is a sweetheart and very smart. He learns really quick. He is also so handsome. We love him to death and just wanted to say thanks for this amazing dog 🙂 He is an absolute perfect fit in our home.
Hank is the love of our lives and we enjoy every minute with him. He is fully house trained and loves sleeping through the night in his crate. He is a big fan of running around in his backyard and even got to spend a couple days on the farm this past weekend doing some true exploring. He has been picking up on a number of commands such as sit, stay, down and has even learned how to properly play fetch.

Hank had his second round of shots yesterday at the Rocky Ridge Veterinary Hospital where he will continue to go for all of his check ups. He is in perfect health and currently weighs 7kg. As for his hernia, the vet told us that it should be fine and we will be able to do the procedure when he goes in to be neutered, as you had mentioned when we picked him up.

A quick update on how Cedar is doing. He is one smart little boy! Very quickly has the sit, down, and almost stay. And we’ve noticed he has an incredible sense of smell, often sniffing out where we have put things that he wants such as cat food, turkey, etc. We’re going to start playing ‘scent games’ with him soon. He comes immediately when called and then sits quietly in front of us, it’s amazing really. Last week he did a lot of chewing of hands, pant legs, etc. but the last few days hardly at all. Potty training is going ok, and we’ve had a couple of really good days, after a couple of really bad days when our timing was obviously way off. He is great with the little kids and love the attention and snuggles from them. He is growing like a week, gaining 2 lb. a week it seems.

He is becoming braver when venturing down to the barn yard and is no longer afraid of the horses, ignoring them for the most part. The chickens are a different story, and he trots after them but so far not really chasing them. He responds well when redirected.

We are very happy with this little guy and love how affectionate he is with us.

I thought you may want to know how my little puppy is faring in Edmonton. Leon (formerly Lyndon) was born Sept. 10 to Guy William X Autumn Gold. This weekend was his 6 month anniversary and he is a treasure! So handsome and smart! He gets many compliments. He was easy to house train. I think he
could have been a sniffer dog because he has a very good nose, is persistent and energetic. I asked for a ‘quiet one’ but Leon is not. Yet. I think his nature is quite wary, reactive, quick to fight or flight, he plays quite rough. He definitely loves his off leash exercise in the river valley. He gets super excited with other dogs and people. We are at puppy school now to learn and socialize.
What a crazy couple months it has been. The first week we had Apollo was, arguably, one of the toughest weeks of our lives — I thought grad school as hard… until I got Apollo! Being our first genuine puppy, it was a big learning curve for Sean and myself to adjust too but well worth it!

At almost 4 months Apollo is such a joy. He is everything we wanted from a dog – loyal, sweet, and adventurous. I could be having a terrible day and then I get home to Apollo and everything that weighed me down just goes away. He has captured our hearts fully and our lives are better with him. We love him so much we miss him when we put him to bed at night!

A bit about him, Apollo loves walks and he has been out to the mountains numerous times and our local provincial park daily. He has met lots of different dogs and is very playful – but definitely an alpha male! He can also sit, stay, come, lay down, shake a paw, and high five (to name a few). He is a quick learner and very attentive to specific words and phrases we use with him.

Also, that pudgy little puppy we picked up is no more! Apollo is now a healthy and lean 30 pounds and is a very attractive dog (or so everybody who meets him says so!).

Thank you so much for bringing Apollo into our lives. He is so loved and cared for, he makes our little family feel whole.

Just an update on Hunter. What a smart dog. It amazes me what he has learned already and he is only shy of 13 weeks old. Some things I go to teach him it seems like he already knows it. Like shake a paw. He instinctively gave me his paw and had the training down pat within a few moments. I have him entered in Basic Training on July 19th but he already knows everything they are going to teach. We will still start with Basic though in case I have missed something he needs to know.

We get a lot of compliments on Hunter. People love his personality and how beautiful he is.

Donna and Bob
Just a quick check in to thank you so much for breeding such an incredible puppy for us. Cody has been a dream and such a source of joy for us! He has recently graduated puppy obedience, is growing like a weed, and was also cast in a advertisement photo shoot! I will send links once it is published, he’s a little star!

Couple of recent photos attached, we recently purchased a new camera and I am having lots of fun taking pictures of the handsome boy!

Clyde was one of William and Autumns puppies born last year on June 13th (celebrating his bday a day early )

He is so loved and can’t imagine life without him.

Just an update on Piper, she is growing fast and provides us with so much joy. She loves swimming for sticks in the river and meeting new friends at the dog park. She lives a charmed life and she is loved.
Holly & Sam
I wanted to send you a quick email to let you know how great Sofie is doing. Our other dog Sadie is in love with her and they are best friends although we note Sofie is the dominant one already. She also travelled so well with us and we are so happy with her. she is a great addition to our family.

Thanks so much and in particular thank you for giving us some dog food for our travels. Not sure what I was thinking not getting our own but it was certainly appreciated.

You may get requests from other yellowknifers as she is a big hit when we take them for walks.

Denise Anderson
Kona is doing great and growing like a weed. She LOVES Daisy and follows her everywhere. They have become good pals and play constantly, which gives us a break from puppyhood because, wow, she has a ton of energy and is fearless!!! She isn’t quite potty trained yet and still has pee accidents in the house, but she is learning. J She is pretty much crate trained, as she sleeps through the night without a peep or accident, but has quite the set of lungs on her to let us know it is breakfast time. Ha ha! Kona is very sweet and we are so thrilled that Daisy and her get along so well, as that was big worry for us. It is a good thing she is so darn cute because puppyhood is exhausting! I attached some pics of Daisy and Kona.
Stu & Traci
Well it’s been three months since we picked up Scout, I thought I would let you know how he’s doing.The surprise went great!

My sons reaction was everything we hoped it would be.
He’s so smart and sweet. He’s wonderful and gentle with both my boys and he’s become a treasured part of the family. He’s fully house trained now, and up to date on all his vaccines.
I can’t believe how smart he is. He listens very well and is always by our side. You just have to snap your fingers and he’s there. And I’ve never seen a dog take a bath so well! He even likes being brushed, getting his nails trimmed and getting blow dried.

He doesn’t even bark. He loves everyone, almost too much. Haha! If he’s going to sit, he insists on sitting as close to us as possible, mostly right on our feet!

We get compliments on him all the time, when people stop by, when we take him for walks, when people see his pictures. Now everyone I know who’s looking for a dog wants to go through you guys!

The vets were very impressed with Scout, and when I told them about you guys, they love how you run things. Too much they see dogs health deteriorate and unwanted puppies due to bad breeders. They have told me that it’s a relief to see and hear how a breeder should be. The TLC food has been great as well, delivering on time and keeping Scout healthy.

Thank you guys very much, we couldn’t be happier!

Jason and Tara Piper
We wanted to share how Hunter has settled in. He cried a little as we left but settled down and slept quietly on the hour trip home. We had a ball and he was playful. We not believe that a 7 week old puppy would retrieve let alone bring it back to our hand. He is so calm and loves to cuddle. With the aid of our 8 year old Grandson he mastered climbing the stairs up to our deck today. We are so happy with our bundle of joy and wanted to say Thank You. We will keep you posted on his progress. Hope you enjoy the video attached.
Bob and Donna
We just wanted to thank you so much again for being so accommodating with our pick up date mistake. You handled it so well, you were a wonderful example of understanding to us! Leia’s trip home to Sherwood Park went so smoothly, we couldn’t believe it. She slept the whole way and when we stopped for a potty break, she actually went. She didn’t cry or whine in the car at all.

Our golden Izzy, has taken to her very well, and before long, I’m sure they will be great company for each other. We are very much enjoying Leia’s puppy antics and personality. She is such a sweet pup. Thank you for teaching us the “no bite” command. We notice a difference when we consistently say it and we’re sure it will help us in the future during those teething months!

Thank you so much again,

Nadine, Jay, Emily and Samantha
Our Simba is 2 year old – no health problem at all! He eats like crazy but because he gets plenty of vegetables and walks with us a plenty – he is on a skinny side.

Very good, very gentle dog but of course – like all goldens – “bozo”!

Just a quick note to let you know that Cash is doing great! Very smart and willing to learn. He has changed so much all ready. Loves going for long walks. He hasn’t had an accident in the house for 4 days! We are very proud of him.

Thanks for an awesome pup.

Roger & Deb Ferguson
Wanted to send a quick update on Beau. He had his 10 week checkup with our vet on Friday. I was a week late as our vet was away all last week; I booked for this week as I wanted to be consistent and keep all appointments with the same doctor.

Beau is doing well. He weighed at 8.1kg/17lbs and did great at his appointment – ‘such a well mannered puppy’ the vet said.

He is polishing off his food still and I am going to feed him 3x per day until 12 weeks then cut back to 2x per day, as Gideon’s notes mention. The vet was wondering if TLC had a large breed formula as she was a little concerned with rapid bone growth. She recommended we have him on a large breed puppy formula and asked me to check with you. I have not seen a large breed formula on the TLC website. I would appreciate any suggestion or information you have on the issue.

Beau has been sleeping through the night for a week now. The house training is getting better. We have installed a doggie door downstairs and he has caught on very quickly to use it when he is downstairs. Still working on him giving us cues when he is upstairs and needs to get outside.

Beau and Fynn are getting along much better. Fynn is quick to put him in line but they play well and it’s great to see, and good for both of them.

Beau will sit and come on command, and is on his very best behaviour if a dog kibble is involved 😉 He is doing really well. Such an affectionate, yet independent puppy. He really is a great fit for our little family 🙂

Rebecca Morrish
We just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying Ozzy! He is a wonderful puppy – full of energy and very loving. His favourite place to be is in the lap of whoever will sit on the floor with him and he is quickly falling in love with long walks! He is sleeping great at night but he is an early riser. And he is slowly figuring out house training. 🙂

Thank you so much for sharing him with us. Adopting him was a terrific experience – from our first visit to our last!


Tara, Mark, and the kids!
All is going well with our Charlie-girl. She likes her crate and is sleeping through the night now. She loves laps, especially our daughters and is really enjoying the snow! We couldn’t be happier with her, and she has fit in easily into our family.
Raleigh (raw-lee) has been growing like a weed – I think he’s over 16lbs already. He’s met the staff at my school and they now stop into my office to see if I’ve brought the dog with me (he’s far more popular than me). I’ve only brought him to work a couple times so far – his next shots are scheduled for next Friday, so I’ll get the go ahead for more public outings from the vet then. Once he’s mastered a few more basic commands then I will slowly start introducing him to kiddos. He’s great with sit, lay down, and fetch…and we’re still working on not having accidents in the house (and he chews on everything, ha ha). I brought him over to a teacher’s house last weekend. She has two little girls and her youngest is three and has Down’s Syndrome. Raleigh was amazingly gentle with her – it completely warmed my heart!
Tanzi Hoover
Hope all is well. We would love to send you an update about how Taco is doing as well as feedback on our experiences with Chinook Goldens.

Overall, we have no negative feedback. Every experience we had with your business was amazing. Some highlights of this was your overall communication with us, which includes the weekly puppy pictures/updates. We found these updates very useful to keep us informed, and each week we were very eager to hear about the pups. The process of choosing a pup was very smooth as well and your process of pre-choosing two pups worked really well for us. Taco fits very well with us and we love him to bits.

I have attached some pictures of him in his new home. He did not like the recent cold weather so we got a jacket from a friend that kept him warm when we needed to take him out in this cold. He absolutely loves to be around us and meet new people and dogs. He has become very good friends with my parents Golden, Sienna. As you can see in the pictures, his routine is to eat, play, and sleep. This repeats on a 3 hour cycle. He is getting better and better each day with the crate training and sleeps almost all night with one or two pee breaks. We are now able to comfortably leave him for about 2 hours while Charles works and I go to school. Taco is very eager to learn and he can already sit, down, and stay! We continue to work with him to become better at these current commands and expand his tricks.

Taco has been an amazing pup and has adapted very well to our household. Thank you so much for the all around positive experience and we will keep in touch as Taco grows!


Breanne & Charles
Good Evening Janelle,

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the pup! She’s amazing and is already fitting in so nicely with our family. She is so smart! The first day we brought her home she learned her name, how to go up stairs, how to let us know she needed to go outside and how to fetch! She is perfect! I have passed out your card to a few people looking for goldens and highly recommended you to them!

Thank you again

I wanted to thank you so much for allowing us to adopt one of your puppies. Your facilities are amazing, clean, and welcoming. Your kindness and response to my questions or concerns have always been answered and encouraged. We thank you very much for our golden she is a perfect fit to our family.
Hi Janelle,
Lynden is healthy and is growing like a weed. She is very calm and loving. Training has been a breeze. Lynden comes to work with me everyday at our resort. Crate training and housebreaking only took a few weeks. I’m very happy with her. The travel from Linden AB to Vancouver Island BC was well worth it. According to my veterinarian she has all the features of a perfect golden!
I’m sending her to puppy school for a week in Victoria next month.
Hi Janelle

Charlie is doing great! He has been a joy so far, he was a bit of a shock to our system at first but he has settled in well to our little family.

We are very satisfied with our pup and we have nothing but good things to say about you! Charlie has adapted well to our lifestyle and he is a great fit for us!

Teo is doing really good, he is healthy and very strong dog. He is so smart, very calm and very respectful with people and other dogs. His energy is like your dog Bwana. In couple words we feel blessed having Teo in our lives.
Please, say hi your husband I will always be grateful for all his help.
Best regards,